22 - 27 November, ITALY
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"The ground can only be felt while falling is continuously happening"
All humans are endowed with an innate fear of falling, a characteristic so ingrained into our nervous system enough to bind all of us, regardless of culture, ethos, credo, race or age.. As we grow older and as the bodies age, this inescapable fear of falling becomes more expressive and visible, particularly in the gestures and motor functioning of the elderly ones. Nonetheless this inborn fear plays a vital role in sustaining our existence, a primal drive that ensures our survival. A neglectful relationship to falling may imply serious damage or even fatal incidents, therefore the fear of falling is not to be disregarded but ackboweged and treated from all perspectives. It is not possible to approach falling without implying gravity irrevocably. The fear of falling guides us through dangers but also has the power to shape human behaviours, our bodies and minds on its flip-sides. Even though it is difficult to tap the source of the fear, we can easily recognize its side effects revealed through dysfunctional movement patterns that undermine the fullness of human capabilities and potential.
In the Architecture of Falling we will stir the attention inwardly in order to bring the light of awareness into concealed fears. The aim is to sensitise our bodies feelings and emotions by gradually and gently removing those layers of unnecessary blockages that tend to obstruct and undermine a healthy and balanced functioning in gravity. For that, we create a safe environment in which each participant may feel comfortable to welcome the uncomfortable. A fertile ground will provide for the students to have a first hand experience and own realisation of means to resist gravity and falling and how they are potentially harmful when fallen into oblivion. Conversely students will be given the tools and necessary guidance to realise how potentially empowering and liberating it is to function in harmony with gravity and the emotions embedded in that relationship.
22 - 27 November
Food (3 meals per day)
● 225 shared room
● 175 camping

Course fee
we offer 3 options of fees according to your current financial possibilities

● 250€
For those who have attended it before
● 300€
For those committed to the whole 1 tier
● 350€
For those attending modules independently
Casa Monterosi
Anghiiari, Tuscany
The Retreat will take place in the beautiful landscape of Tuscany, hosted by Casa Monterosi (the Play-Fight Camp house), in Anghiari (35 km from Arezzo, Italy). The uncontaminated location, surrounded by hills, forest, breathtaking view and flowing water, offers the perfect conditions to enter in direct touch with Nature and also have the appropriate facilities for living, moving, resting, sharing spaces and time within a large group of people .

There are two dance spaces, a smaller one indoor and a large pedana outdoor. However the activities will take full advantage of the landscape, ready to move in a variety of conditions, soil, grass, forest, sun, wind, rain...together, nourishing joy and willingness to try and Play.

The house can accommodate up to 28 people, while there is plenty of camping spots spread all around to suit all tastes. The kitchen, managed by Italian Cooks, runs with care and love, preparing 3 meals p/d with the best local ingredients, making sure to provide the right resources for everyone to enjoy at the fullest what the experience offers.
Bruno Caverna is a pioneer in the development of body-mind integrative practices authentically supported by more than 35 years of dedicated studies in various body-mind disciplines such as Capoeira, Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance, Contact-improvisation, Taiji, Russian Systema, Watsu, Breath-Work and Freediving. In 2012 Bruno created the Play-Fight and Liquid-Body practices and in 2016 he changed the focus of his professional perspective by founding Formless Arts, a philosophical umbrella that sustains the physical practices and theoretical studies. Formless Arts overall's aim is to provide a mosaic-like container for those earnest to be committed to the path of self-knowledge through the contemplation of movement, breath and awareness. Since then Bruno has been certifying facilitators, organizing his own events, educational courses and collaborating at inter-disciplinary festivals. The newest chapter in Bruno's professional trajectory is about to be launched, the Formless Arts Practitioner Training Program offered and spread in 6 modules along the year Bruno started exploring Freediving in 2018 and under the guidance of Andreas Pepper Bruno had a mind-blowing experience as he saw the ocean as a portal for inner dimensions. Ever since he has been completely hooked and fascinated by the feelings and states the deep waters may provide and open up. Recently Bruno has also certified as an instructor of the Buteyko method and Oxygen Advantage, a further dive into the fascinating world of the breath.
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