The course will offer a set of powerful simple tools and guide you how to expand your breathing capacity effortlessly
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The lessons will presented through 4 interconnected pillars: breathlessness reduction, CO2 tolerance, increase of oxygenation, nervous systems regulation
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If you do not have time to be in class, you can take the course at any time convenient for you on the web platform
Classes take place on zoom
30 April, 1 May
7 May, 8 May
17:00 - 18:30 CET
The course is suitable for those who mainly feels a normal healthy breathing pattern has been compromised for different reasons
To learn about oneself in deeper layers by exploring the implications behind the feeling of breathlessness
Improvement of the overall life quality and an increased sense of well-being
Sharpening of the attention and mental concentration empowerment
Restoring inner calm by managing anxiety and existential fears
Cultivation of a more permanent meditative and resilient state of being
Enhance sleeping quality and energy levels during the awake state
Develop a stronger sense of self-confidence and inner-strength
Retrieving a sense of bodily lightness at the execution of daily physical activities
Boosting general physical performance
Dysfunctional breathing patterns have become endemic in modern lives. The act of breathing is the mother of all other vital bodily functions, regulated by the autonomic nervous system that takes place most of the time without our conscious participation. Curiously enough, at a certain point during our growing process our inherent ability to breathe normally gets compromised. The percentage of the adulthood population who displays some sort of breathing pattern disorder is simply astonishing. Few among us are nasal breathers, capable of preserving the natural endowed diaphragmatic breathing, a healthy cadence and an optimal breathing rate per minute.

In the past decades several studies have shown an intimate correlation between dysfunctional breathing patterns and many ailments. Actually, the sicker the person becomes, the stronger the feeling of breathlessness is likely to be experienced. This is particularly true for those who suffer from asthma, sleeping apnea, anxiety, panic attacks or lung damage from covid, just to mention a few.

Furthermore, behind the simplicity from each inhalation and exhalation, the breath holds an intricate complexity that travels through many spheres of the body-being. To observe attentively someone's breath is akin to having a glimpse of what is taking place on the body-mind and existential dimensions of the individual. In this vein, the breath may be regarded as an optimal entry to regulate and optimize countless expressions of the organism that have gone dysfunctional, ranging from tangible physiological disorders to other more abstract qualities such as existential fears, anxieties and distresses.

Вreath-Ability is a mentorship program inspired by the Buteyko Method, Freediving, Qi Gong and it is offered either as an individual format or as a dual process. The framework will be tailored and aligned to specific needs and wishes drawn from a thorough one-to-one evaluation. Ultimately we will target certain breathing patterns with its possible correlations to seemingly compromised functionalities as the groundwork, from which the breathwork shall be elaborated and sculpted.
Understand the role of CO2
in the human biochemistry
Improve CO2 tolerance and functional breathing patterns
The physiological implications behind the breathlessness sensation
Balancing of the autonomic nervous system through coherent breathing
Assessment of mental states and health conditions through breathing-hold test
Importance of nasal and light breathing
Improvement of sleeping disorders, mental concentration and energy levels by developing more functional breathing patterns
Bruno Caverna is a pioneer in developing authentic multidisciplinary body-mind practices sustained by an embodied movement philosophy drawn from over 35 years of studying and immersing in various of disciplines such as Capoeira, Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance, Contact-improvisation, Taiji, Russian Systema, Watsu, Breathwork and Freediving. Still in 2012 Bruno created Play-Fight and Liquid-Body practices and in 2016 changed the focus of his professional perspective by founding Formless Arts. Since then Bruno has been organizing his own events, teaching training courses under the philosophy of Formless Arts which currently has a team of 10 people based in 6 countries. Bruno assiduously trains Systema, a Russian martial art, with his master Alexander Solovev. The meeting with Mr. Solovev has been revolutionary in deepening the inner and subtle arts. Bruno is also a Watsu practitioner and a freediver. Lately Bruno has been dedicating himself to the respiratory universe, becoming an instructor of the Buteyko breathing methods and the Oxygen Advantage, the decisive step towards the newest chapter.
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