Inner Cultivation Through Movement, Breath and Gravity
2 weEks
To reunite with nature, flow and movement
10 full days
Of transformative body-mind practices
2 facilitators
To lead you through a self-discovery journey
✓ The wisdom body - awaking the ancestral intelligence
✓ The transient body - moving like a river
✓ The sensitive body - rediscovering the sensorial world
✓ The truthful body - daring to be what you are
✓ The courageous body - welcoming the unwelcome
✓ The natural body - living by non-resistance
✓ The playful body - evolving skills gracefully
✓ The liquid body - reconnecting to our oceanic roots
✓ The dancing body - extrapolating creative powers
✓ The breathing body - a portal to self-knowledge
✓ The meaningful body - committing to higher purposes
✓ The intuitive body - aligning with your inner guide
✓ The enduring body - withstanding adversities
✓ The mysterious body - growing tolerance to the unknown
✓ The conscious body - cultivating infinite presence
The Retreat will take place in Bamboo Temple from the 9 - 23 April, at Praia de Algodões, on the Maraú Peninsula, a place of pure magic and stunning beauty. It is going to be 2 week-immersion what will be facilitated by Bruno Caverna & Marina Pereira. It is our commitment to hold a space for self-cultivation and provide a fertile ground for each of the participants to retrieve a sense of connectedness and wholeness within the self, from the core of our bodies. We are going to play and journey through an interplay of movement, breath and gravity, the foundational elements of the Embodiment Retreat. The process will be supported and nourished by principles and tools from the following practices: Play-Fight, Liquid-Body, Movement Research, Contemporary Dance, Contact-Improvisation, Martial and Healing arts, Somatics as well as a deep immersion into the Breathwork and Apnea. The classes will take place in the mornings and afternoons from Monday - Friday during 2 weeks. The weekends are off so participants may have free time to integrate the process at the same time getting the chance to explore the astounding nature and tropical surroundings. Evening activities are optional and will be decided as the process unfolds based on the group's needs and wishes.
Bruno Caverna is a pioneer in developing authentic multidisciplinary body-mind practices sustained by an embodied movement philosophy drawn from over 35 years of studying and immersing in various of disciplines such as Capoeira, Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance, Contact-improvisation, Taiji, Russian Systema, Watsu, Breathwork and Freediving. Still in 2012 Bruno created Play-Fight and Liquid-Body practices and in 2016 changed the focus of his professional perspective by founding Formless Arts. Since then Bruno has been organizing his own events, teaching training courses under the philosophy of Formless Arts which currently has a team of 10 people based in 6 countries. Bruno assiduously trains Systema, a Russian martial art, with his master Alexander Solovev. The meeting with Mr. Solovev has been revolutionary in deepening the inner and subtle arts. Bruno is also a Watsu practitioner and a freediver. Lately Bruno has been dedicating himself to the respiratory universe, becoming an instructor of the Buteyko breathing methods and the Oxygen Advantage, the decisive step towards the newest chapter.
Dancer, choreographer and teacher in the field of Contemporary Dance and of the movement philosophy of "Formless Arts". Play-Fight Practice Facilitator.

From 1999 to the present day, she has been exploring her body and mind through the practical process of diverse languages of movement and artistic expressions. She lived experiences in contemporary and classical dance, basketball, gymnastics, jazz dance, folk dance, tap dance, street dance (house, hip-hop, waacking, vogue), Play-Fight Practice, the ancient Russian martial art Systema, Liquid Body Practice, acting as well as freediving.

She graduated from "Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University", the Institute of Music, Theater and Choreography, where she worked in depth to develop her abilities as a choreographer and performer.
  • Recognizing dysfunctional moving patterns
  • Mapping the inner landscapes of physical blockages
  • Embodying principles of effortlessness
  • Pursuit of mental relaxation by confronting discomfortable zones
  • Releasing internal blockages and recycling stored resistances into forms of power ad personal strength
  • Primal fear of falling as a coping mechanisms and its multi-dimensionality implications
  • The cultivation of non-resistance as a doorway to enter into the flow state

  • Read more: play-fight.com/about
  • Gain of physical and mental freedom
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Fullness of human biomechanics
  • Improvement of mobility
  • Joint wear reduction and injury preventio
  • Increase of self-awareness
  • Wellness restoration
    The main focus of the practice is the study of the physical, mental and creative abilities of the body and its potential to extrapolate everyday movement. As part of the process, we will observe and dive inside our own body language and movement patterns.

  • Development of creativity through improvisation tasks
  • Technical skills with a focus on safe movement.
  • Interaction with space and time
  • Florwork and dance with objects
    • Attention Games and Intuitive Intelligence
    • Falling dynamics and the relationship with gravity
    • Following the direction of the momentum
    • State of resistance and state of relaxation
    • Connections of isolation and integrity
    • A moving dialogue between space and object
    • Partnering
    • Regulate the nervous system
    • Improve lungs capacity
    • Anxiety management
    • Higher oxygenation in the bloodstream
    • Growing CO2 tolerance
    We will approach Breathwork from various angles but mainly inspired by the Buteyko Method and Freediving knowledge. A good part of the work will be focused on dry apnea, breath retention, in order to learn about our breathlessness capacity and endurance. The whole idea is expand our breathlessness limits by bringing a deep sense of relaxation , as opposed to entering into a state of inner fighting.
    ● Camping
    ● Sleeping on the bamboo temple which can be adapted as a dormitory during the nights.
    ● One private room
    We provide 3 planted-based meals per day, except on Sundays when participants will have freedom to explore the local cuisine around the area. At request for an extra fee we may offer fish and seafood as well.
    Limited spots
    Early Bird discounts will be offered for the first 4 effective registrations
    710 € - EARLY BIRD
    780 € - REGULAR FEE
    • Camping spot
    • Shared bathroom
    • Transfer fro-to Ilheus airport
    • 10 days of activities
    • Dinner on the arrival day
    • 3 meals from Monday - Saturday
    • Breakfast on Sundays and on the departure day
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