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A SOMATIC journey through WATER, breath AND spheres
1 - 6 MAY 2024 / HUNGARY
Liquid Body is a holistic somatic practice in the water and on land, philosophy in flow, that invites each of us to get in touch with our ancestral memories and aquatic roots. In the early embryonic stages, the human body is essentially made up of fluids. We are originally liquid beings and the water, this indispensable element for the creation of all living forms, represents the maternal feminine archetype. Getting in touch with this oceanic legacy of our internal sea has the power to stimulate individual and collective healing processes through liberation of inner blockages and unnecessary gravitational burden we tend to store and carry in our bodies. It is known that the physical structure loses its original fluidity over the years, regardless. Our bodies may become crystallized at a much faster pace, though, due an interplay of environmental stressing factors. The natural aging process associated with a nervous system conditioned to unconsciously fighting against gravity are determining in stirring us away from our fluid embodiment. In the Liquid-Body perspective, a corporal gesture is regarded as a reflection of our states of consciousness, and therefore studying movement qualities becomes an optimal way to explore the complexity of what it means to be human. In this mind-body intricate interplay, inhabiting a liquid body ignites a more plastic, resilient and adaptable regulated nervous system, the cultivation of a living process that is ever-evolving in continuous transformation.
These sessions will be facilitated in a pool heated to 35 degrees, the ideal temperature to provide deep connection and immersion with the liquid surroundings. The floating qualities to move freely and weightlessly on and under the water in all directions can deliver powerfully exhilarating experiences. In the pool we will use some basic Watsu elements as a gateway to individual and collective underwater explorations and extrapolations. The direct contact with water has the power to awaken ancestral memories, dissolve stagnant emotions, promote profound relaxation, which might become a catalyst for altered states of consciousness that transcends the ordinary perception in the manners we experience the boundaries of our own bodies and minds. Breath-work plays a central role in the process overcoming the fear of traveling softly and safely under the water in apnea.
WATER Sessions
"Gravityless BODIES"
On land we are going to embark on a profound and subtle somatic exploration through the spirals and sphericals landscapes that sculpt the field from which all living forms and organisms function and are embedded. Sphere is an expression of unbroken wholeness, the original form of the human body. Spirals are motifs through which lifeforce gathers and flows with colossal magical power. The land exploration is based on the 10 spherical dimension from GFP - Gravitational Field Principle, and on the concepts of Biotensigty. The land process offers a specific container with practical tools, empowering exercises and drills wrapped around clear guidance aimed to lead participants into the realization and retrieval of their own latent sphericity.
Land Sessions
"Spherical Dimensions"
It's known that water is resilient, adaptable and has no defined shape while interacting with gravity. Water molds itself and takes the shape to its container and the surface it interacts with. Under gravity, water not only moves through spirals and waves but becomes the embodies of those motifs, even though it is always striving to return to its original spherical shape. Sphere is the original form of the water and that can be verified with Astronauts playing with water in outer space. In the absence of gravity water forms a perfect fluid sphere, a defined form that symbolizes totality or a sense of unbroken wholeness that is never rigid and does not resist to maintain its structural integrity.
The fascinating water properties
The first shape of the human body is a single cell, mostly composed of fluids, a liquid sphere from which every physical structure is originated.
The body of a newborn baby is an expression of that aquatic heritage. The anatomic design of the human body has been evolved to support freedom of movement and joint mobility. The downside of being endowed with an extremely articulated body is to have that original sense of fluid wholeness compromised, which increases with aging. Conversely, a jointed body that is conducive for mobility implies an inevitable fragmented functioning, a paradoxical condition we will examine thoroughly.
For all body types, age and background, for lovers of nature, anyone wishing to get in touch with the body, regaining the freedom of movement. For practitioners of manual therapy, yoga, meditation and other related fields, Liquid Body provides a diversity of tools and techniques which can be integrated into the profession and daily life.
1 - 6 May
650€ / 680€ / 730 €
Yurt tent (heated)
4 - 6 beds

• 750€ / 800€ / 850 €
Shared rooms (double or triple bed)
6 - 8 beds total

We offer a range of fees so each participant may consider the most appropriate fee to show appreciation and value to the retreat within individual's current affordable condition.

Maxim participants 10 - 12 !!
• 3 vegetarians daily meals

If you have any intolerance or food allergy you are welcome to inform us so we will make sure that you will have a tasty compatible alternative
how to get there
The newest airport is in Budapest. From Nepliget bus station there runs frequents busses to Ladanybene. Seems like it's not possible to book the ticket online in advance though. You must purchase the ticket at the counter in person. For an overview of timetable go the link below and enter the name of the cities.
Bruno Caverna is a pioneer in the development of body-mind integrative practices authentically supported by more than 35 years of dedicated studies in various body-mind disciplines such as Capoeira, Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance, Contact-improvisation, Taiji, Russian Systema, Watsu, Breath-Work and Freediving. In 2012 Bruno created the Play-Fight and Liquid-Body practices and in 2016 he changed the focus of his professional perspective by founding Formless Arts, a philosophical umbrella that sustains the physical practices and theoretical studies. Formless Arts overall's aim is to provide a mosaic-like container for those earnest to be committed to the path of self-knowledge through the contemplation of movement, breath and awareness. Since then Bruno has been certifying facilitators, organizing his own events, educational courses and collaborating at inter-disciplinary festivals. The newest chapter in Bruno's professional trajectory is about to be launched, the Formless Arts Practitioner Training Program offered and spread in 6 modules along the year Bruno started exploring Freediving in 2018 and under the guidance of Andreas Pepper Bruno had a mind-blowing experience as he saw the ocean as a portal for inner dimensions. Ever since he has been completely hooked and fascinated by the feelings and states the deep waters may provide and open up. Recently Bruno has also certified as an instructor of the Buteyko method and Oxygen Advantage, a further dive into the fascinating world of the breath.
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