Formless Arts has been serving as a philosophical umbrella for Play-Fight and Liquid Body practices since 2016. The purpose has been one of a cultivatIon of a cross-disciplinary ground interwoven by various body-mind holistic practices and philosophies. The underneath fire has always been burning for existential reflections at large, the excavation into mysterious qualities of our sentience and human consciousness. Formless Arts embraces the premise that all physical forms arise from an immaterial formless source, an empty space devoid of mental separations, divisions and conflicts. Over the years Formless Arts has become keen to welcome existential/ontological questions that philosophers, artists, shamans, martial arts masters, breathers and somatics practitioners, trauma healers, neuroscientists, psychoanalysts and other thinkers have been dealing with daily, and throughout human history from different fields and perspectives.
The formalization of the Formless Arts School in 2023 represents a moment of great maturity and readiness toward the creation of a safe container for transmission of embodied knowledge on complex subjects and themes. Formless Arts is School's overall concern is to provide a fertile terrain where students will be encouraged to connect the dots of intricate complex systems, beyond ordinary reasoning and perspectives. The orientational pillars are thought-provoking and deconstructive in nature, a deeper contemplation into the unmanifested primal realm of sheer awareness, prior to thoughts, feelings and even body sensations. The school beckons at a level of ancient communication and expression to awake our latent unbroken wholeness. At last, Formless Arts School values and appreciates the hidden spheres of micro and macro qualities of human interconnectedness in the process of actualizing what it means to live and experience life through a human body.
Formless Arts School is committed to support the fullest of individual and collective potential by providing an array of scientific studies, cognitive tools, nourishing resources and introspective knowledge as a means to potentially ignite a sense of belonging beyond current limiting paradigms. At the same time that the studies provide substantial theory and practical guidance through different programs and disciplines, we all are constantly reminded that life, in the end of the day, is an unknowable mysterious continuum, an open-ended process to be explored, integrated and navigated through every sensory faculty at our disposal.
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