Movement Philosophy
Formless Arts
Formless Arts is a collaborative space created by Bruno Caverna that aims for an intermingling, integration and communication between all kind of art-forms and various practices from the very source.
Formless Arts are those with a profound ethical engagement and constitution, dealing with the sources and roots of our modes of being (together), that is our ways of perceiving experiencing and creating ourselves as part of the world, and how we relate with the different existential territories (mental, relational, environmental).
Embodied and developed by Bruno Caverna, connection based Liquid Body and Play-Fight Practices
Through these practices we develop concrete tools and approaches to sustaining life, integrity and community (in its singularities and differences) developing an ethical-aesthetic paradigm that shifts away from understanding value as the accumulation of profit and power, towards supporting and engaging one another through contact (physical, energetic, emotional)
The formless is sustained by and inspired in the infinite flux and flow of life, its seemingly chaotic and informal quality, that generates, composes and becomes form and that we can access for creation, composition, conception in an attempt to make sense and meaning of what we describe as the infinite possibilities that surround us and stimulate creations and relations when we are attuned to it.
Images by
Azizuddin Khusro
Rokas Aleliƫnas
Liyen Chong
We are dealing with essential questions (on a local and global level) that philosophers, artists, scientists, shamans, martial art masters, psychoanalysts, etc. have been dealing with daily, and throughout human history from different fields and perspectives.