This class focus on specific aspects of our liquid nature. The expiration takes place on land and revolves on the spherical nature of the water as a principle that can be embodied and lived by

10 spherical dimensions

Biotensegrity - concepts, construction and applications
Spherical mobility
Spherical anatomy
Spherical connectivity
From Liquid-Body to Play-Fight
Complex systems

It's known that water is resilient, adaptable and has no defined shape while interacting with gravity. Water moldes itself and takes the shape to its container and the surface it interacts with. Under gravity, water not only moves through spirals and waves but becomes the embodies of those motifs, even though it is always striving to return to its original spherical shape. Sphere is the original form of the water and that can be verified with Astronauts playing with water in the outer space. In the absence of gravity water forms a perfect fluid sphere, a defined form that symbolizes totality or a sense of unbroken wholeness that is never rigid and does not to resist to maintain its structural integrity.

The first shape of the human body is a single cell, mostly composed of fluids, a liquid sphere from which every physical structured is originated.

Finding the door to the spherical dimensions is the first accomplishment. On the other side of the door lies a vast multilayered world of spheres within spheres, a hugely complex and deeply intricate interplay.

The process offers a specific container with practical tools, empowering concepts, exercises and drills wrapped around clear guidance intended to lead participants into the realization of their own latent sphericity.

At this point of Bruno's investigation, he's been able to discern 10 spherical dimensions, some a less sophisticated and easiest to grasp whereas other are expressed in its finest and subtlest forms.
Bruno Caverna is a pioneer in the development of body-mind integrative practices authentically supported by more than 35 years of dedicated studies in various body-mind disciplines such as Capoeira, Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance, Contact-improvisation, Taiji, Russian Systema, Watsu, Breath-Work and Freediving. In 2012 Bruno created the Play-Fight and Liquid-Body practices and in 2016 he changed the focus of his professional perspective by founding Formless Arts, a philosophical umbrella that sustains the physical practices and theoretical studies. Formless Arts overall's aim is to provide a mosaic-like container for those earnest to be committed to the path of self-knowledge through the contemplation of movement, breath and awareness. Since then Bruno has been certifying facilitators, organizing his own events, educational courses and collaborating at inter-disciplinary festivals. The newest chapter in Bruno's professional trajectory is about to be launched, the Formless Arts Practitioner Training Program offered and spread in 6 modules along the year Bruno started exploring Freediving in 2018 and under the guidance of Andreas Pepper Bruno had a mind-blowing experience as he saw the ocean as a portal for inner dimensions. Ever since he has been completely hooked and fascinated by the feelings and states the deep waters may provide and open up. Recently Bruno has also certified as an instructor of the Buteyko method and Oxygen Advantage, a further dive into the fascinating world of the breath.