Masa Suzuki
"天地人/ Ten-Chi-Jin" is a famous Chinese philosophy saying left by Mencius. Meaning "timing of heaven, advantages of the land, harmony among people." In which was adapted later on by one of the most iconic Japanese war lord during the Sengoku-period (age of civil wars in Japanese history) named Kenshin Uesugi.
Kenshin believed that in order to become a great warrior you'll need to learn to "read the atmosphere, adapt to the environment and to know your alleys and opponents."

In Japanese traditional art culture, it is believed that "天/Ten/Heaven" "地/Chi/Earth" and "人/Jin/Men" are one of the main elements that comprise this world that we live in. And connecting the dots between Heaven, Earth and Men is in fact an important factor to understand the principles of the world.

In this workshop you'll be learning some of the main principles to connect the dots between heaven, earth and men. We'll be looking at fundamental movement principles to in order to help you move freely in the air, close to the ground and also among human obstacles. We will be looking into ways to work on your interconnection within your internal environment but also between the outer world and yourself with works inspired by Ninjutsu (Ninja-art), Parkour, Dance, Acrobatics, Mixed Martial Arts and Fighting Monkey Practice.
Masa Suzuki (born Masanobu Suzuki, but commonly known as simply Masa) is a Movement teacher, Personal trainer, Parkour practitioner, Dancer, Acrobatic performer and martial arts practitioner based in Tokyo/Japan.

He's known as one of the few first generation Japanese Parkour practitioners who helped develop the Japanese Parkour scene into what it is today. More recently, he has also become known as the main pioneer in developing the Movement Culture here in Japan.

Masa started his Movement journey when he was 3years old.
Throughout the years, to develop himself and his practice Masa learned from various Movement teachers from all around the world such as Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea (founders of Fighting Monkey practice), Ido Portal, Masaaki Hatsumi (grandmaster of Bujinkan Ninjutsu Dojo), as well as Williams Belle (original Yamakasi member/founder of ADD & Parkour) and Cameron Shayne (founder Budokon university).

Masa also was trained as a power tumbler/acrobatic performer at Gymastikhøjskole i Ollerup for one year, after which he completed a four year degree program at an American liberal arts college (Westmont College) majoring in Kinesiology, which included sports medicine, biomechanics as well as other disciplines.

Masa created "Shinobi Movement Practice" when he came back to Japan after living abroad for 8years by combining the best of everything he had learned throughout the years since he was a little child.

Now he teaches movement workshops all over Japan, seminars for body workers in hospitals and training gyms, and supports top level Japanese athletes, fighters and performers as their personal trainer/performance coach.