supportive practices
Play-Fight Practice is one of the pillars of Formless Arts. The practice weaves physicality with movement philosophy, shedding awareness into the unconscious resistances towards the gravitational force and the pervasive fear of falling (physically and existentially) that appears as an inherent human condition. Tensions and adversities are necessary frictions to spark evolution and growth, however when stagnated, accumulated and suppressed below the conscious radar, it may potentially turn out into traumatic events, the source for a myriad of dysfunctionalities externalized on the body-mind system. The physical drills, orientated in playfulness, focus on recognizing, acknowledging and recycling those harmful lifelong storage of unnecessary hidden tensions and blockages into a self-empowerment cultivation.

Play-Fight Practice also regards the ecology of life as an inherent and inescapable interplay between cooperation and confrontation. The practice's overall aim is to integrate such a dichotomy into one fertile ground for the exploration of a dynamic balance in between such oppositions. The presence of an engaging partner is vital to ignite the mirror effect, the weaving-thread that permeates through all physical exercises and drills. By cultivating a tactful and honest confrontation, our vulnerabilities, fears, denials, escapisms and blind spots are reciprocally revealed in the bodies. As part of the process we serve to each other as a metaphorical lighthouse, like a point of navigation that supports and nourishes individual's excavation into the depths of our own inner sea of obfuscated resistances, all the way to the roots.
    Liquid Body is a holistic movement practice, philosophy in flow, that invites each of us to get in touch with our ancestral aquatic roots. In the early embryonic stages, the human body is essentially made up of fluids. We are originally liquid beings and water, the archetype of the feminine, is the maternal cradle of human creation and evolution.

    The processes of body crystallization and degeneration, associated with natural aging, are immensely accelerated by conditioning of internal struggle, and as such mental patterns are reflected in the gravitational relationship. We will address the relationship with gravity and the exploration of free-fall as starting points on our liquid journey. We will investigate the possibility of conceiving the implications of the fall beyond the physical and motor dimension. Practice will guide us through states of non-resistance awareness. We will release the dammed waters and awaken sensitivity in the perception of an aquatic flow latent in mechanical manifestations, commonly overshadowed by excess muscle toning.

    Getting in touch with this embodied oceanic legacy is an invitation to delve into deep individual and transpersonal transformation processes. Liquid-Body is a fine work that provides sophistication in expressions of movement and in the qualities of individual, interpersonal and collective connections. Finally, the practice aims at synergistic integration between this continuous flow of information and the exchange of endless forces and stimuli that bathe the trillions of cells of our being every second.
      Liquid-Body practice