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2 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2024

The Gravitational Field Principle is based on an exquisite somatic study and empirical research with specific focus on the gravitational phenomena in relation to human biomechanics. In the GFP perspective we acknowledge the undeniable empowerment provided by the gravitational presence and its constant influence on our bodies and actions. On the other hand, the goal of the program is to bring awareness that human functionality is also subject to a gravitational burden overtime, a condition that has negative impacts on every aspect of our lives as it grows in intensity and severity throughout the aging process.

Introducing to GFP

New program with Bruno Caverna. Discover the state of relaxation at GFP Practitioner Training in Europe. Somatic program in Barcelona.
New program with Bruno Caverna. Discover the state of relaxation at GFP Practitioner Training in Europe.
Play-Fight with Bruno Caverna.The state of falling and the Gravity Practice.
Breathwork and Falling state. New program with Bruno Caverna. Discover the state of relaxation at GFP Practitioner Training in Europe.
New program with Bruno Caverna. Discover the state of relaxation at GFP Practitioner Training in Europe.
New program with Bruno Caverna. Discover the state of relaxation at GFP Practitioner Training in Europe.
This inescapable gravity-earth relationship is the cradle for all the human neuromuscular development and physical structure consolidation. Once reaching an upright straight axis, we begin to live in constant negotiation towards gravity and at the imminence of an actual fall. At the beginning of life, children establish a playful response towards a falling scenario, as though the child is constantly and joyfully engaged in an intimate dance with gravity. To the way small children the sustanence of a vertical balance is conducive for a healthy growth and development of the psycho-motor skills and expressions. As we grow older, at a certain point and due to many factors, the relationship with gravity begins to get compromised. The fluidity qualities tend to succumb to a more self-imposed mental fighting attitude, which may undermine a healthy cultivation in the way of working with gravity. Almost like inevitably, the inborn playful falling relationship gives way to fear reactivity tendencies at the slightest signal of structural destabilization or falling imminence.
GFP Backbone
It's important to emphasize that none is born intentionally fighting gravity even because as newborns we don't even have the necessary muscular tone or physical capacity to engage in such a manner. The newborns have no other alternative but humbling themselves to the gravitational field. Nonetheless, after a certain age, every individual will move through a gradual process of nervous system consolidation that tends to build dysfunctional reflexive motor patterns. Paradoxically every adult will almost and inevitably end up adopting an inner battle stance towards gravity, constantly resisting to the falls, albeit unconsciously, as a modus operandi. The human mechanisms of defense and protection no longer fulfills its original purpose, the evolutionary legacy to ensure the survival of the species. That phenomena occurs as the result of highly complex processes in the phases of nervous system development of the infant associated with environmental stimulus, traumatic episodes and even belief systems or cultural heritage, topics that will be extensively approached during the course in depth and details.

A GFP practitioner will acquire and embody solid knowledge from rigorous studies, acquire tools that will support the recognition of dysfunctional responses and patterns from the gravitational impacts and traumas on the nervous system. From the therapeutic point of view, GFP has the potency to support a healing process towards our own relationship to gravity itself. The healing is always individual and oftentimes takes place whenever the unconscious inner resistances naturally give way, allowing a profound relief of the gravitational burden which may be followed by a release of the internal fighting patterns, accumulated blockages and stored anxieties.

Why Becoming a GFP Practitioner

To become a practitioner means to acquire a robust embodied knowledge, a consistent grasp of how the gravitational field principle works and operates on the practical and theoretical domains. Practitioners will be supported and encouraged to share and bring their embodied knowledge of the principle to their own field of expertise and interest. Since we all are inescapably bound by gravity, the horizon and perspectives for integration and application of the principles are simply boundless. GFP acts upon the source of all human expressions, which does not affect what an individual chooses but the qualities and the hows those expressions are manifested. One particular powerful application of GFP concerns longevity subject as it cultivates falling from a unique perspective as a state of being. Every relevant aspects related to the matters of physical injury, structural integrity maintenance as well as prevention from accidental falls will be covered in great extension.
GFP Practitioner Perspectives

Currently the GFP Practitioner Program has been designed in 2 levels

The Program Structure

The certification will be granted after a successful conclusion of both levels.
Over a period of 4 weeks participants will have the chance to dive intensively into fundamentals of GFP through the 5 modules that compose the basic level:
Architecture of Falling; Spherical Dimensions; Breath-Ability;
Liquid-Body and Play-Fight Practices.

The sessions will happen only on weekdays, Monday to Friday from 13;00 - 17:00.
The weekends are off as an important time for rest and assimilation of the material.
Some days there will be briefly extended with either sessions in the heated pool and with breathing sessions using specific breathing devices.

The next basic level will be take place in Barcelona from 2 - 27 September

For dealing with an all encompassing principle, GPF educates students to embody a versatile principle and knowledge that can be addressed to a vast scope of professional fields. The areas that may harvest the largest benefits and advantages are the ones working directly to any kind of physical modality such as:
Who is GFP Practitioner Training for?
Martial Arts
Somatic Approaches
Healing Work
GFP is also potentially advantageous for individuals who have been physically impaired and had their functionality towards gravity compromised for whatever reasons.
What is Offered
90 hours of presential classes, including a couple of sessions in a heated mini pool
Priority in attending other major Formless Arts event with Bruno
Booklet covering the content of all modules of the basic level
One private online session with Bruno Caverna
⁠Monthly following up online gatherings for content updates and group exchange with exclusive membership access
Free attendance to one Play-Fight weekend workshop within the studying timeframe
Creator of Play-Fight and Liquid-Body practices as well as the founder of Formless Arts and GFP methodology.

Since 1985 Bruno has been studying and integrating various body-mind practices such as Capoeira, Acrobatics, Contact-Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Qi-Gong, Russian Systema Watsu, Freediving, Butyeko Method and Oxygen Advantage. Bruno has made his movement practices a "spiritual"path of self-knowledge and self-actualization, a way to connect to the essence of the being and to realize what human existence is about.
Bruno Caverna
Bruno's first teaching experience was in 1995 as a facilitator of capoeira activities for the inmates of a psychiatric hospital. For a couple of years Bruno tried helplessly to follow an academic path through the studies of Psychology and Physiotherapy. However he grew skeptical upon noticing how the perspective and tendencies of his professional future was sneakily being shaped and imposed onto him. In 2000 Bruno decided to take a radical decision and dropped out of his comfortable zone from a middle upper class in Rio de Janeiro to go wandering aimlessly alone in the Amazon rainforest. It was an important decision to consciously challenge the establishment at that time, not to conforme or succumb to the flow that society was trapping him into one very narrow life perspective. Such an action allowed Bruno to take the responsibility of his future and destiny back into his hands. Such an impulse led Bruno to leave everything he had behind, to merge into a huge dreadful unknown, facing his deepest fears. This amazonic experience profoundly transformed his perception towards life and death, work, purpose, relationships and even the meaning of love, fear and freedom. Ever since the Amazon experience Bruno has become a wanderer sharing his visions, practices and philosophy all over the world in more than 35 countries. In these past 30 years Bruno has been committed to teach from a place of authentic, integrative and holistic cultivation, weaving and honoring nearly 40 years of knowledge accumulation he was gifted by coming across distinguished teachers and masters. Alexander Solovev is one of those rare geniuses who has been directly transmitting to Bruno a concealed knowledge from ancient russian martial arts. The encounter with Alexander in 2016 had a major revolution on every level of Bruno's life and profession, particularly in the way of sharing the embodiment of a very unique falling principle. Currently Bruno is undergoing a creative process in structuring his own methodology and pedagogy GFP (Gravitational Field Principle) with a clear purpose to bridge this unknown gravitational language to a broader audience. By seeing the effects of this principle applied into people's life beyond the classes contexts, Bruno has become convinced that GFP has the potential to become a deeply transformative tool, a powerful healing knowledge in the individual processes, inasmuch as all of us relate to gravity carrying inevitably the burden of functioning in its field 24/7.
The selected participants are welcome to pick any value within this range that supports their wish and possibility to invest in their education. The details of payment logistic will be addressed specifically to each case after handing in the application form and advancement of the practical steps.
Investment and Payment Options
The fee is offered through a sliding scale between
Cancellation Policy
That will also be addressed once application has been received.
1350€ - 1750€
Add you name and email and we will send you the application form
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1. Am I entitled to become a GFP practitioner accomplishing only the level 1?
In order to be certified gfp practitioner one needs to complete the entire program which consists of level 1 and 2, basic and advanced (body-mapping). The duration become certified may take approximately 2 years of committed continuity studies and regular orientation and updating.
2. Is GFP another type of technique, somatic method or healing modality?
Actually it is not. What the certified program offers cannot be categorized by such labels. The GFP pathway is singular in what it proposes, which is essentially to educate participants in the embodiment of a very unique and particular principle. GFP uses a meticulously refined methodology to convey and transmit with necessary clarity and precision an embodied knowledge that can be virtually applied and integrated to every other field of interest that involves the participation of gravity.
3. Once I become a practitioner can I teach GFP to others?
This is a very important question. On the practitioner level we will work extensively to ensure that each of the students may acquire a coherent and satisfactory understanding as well as a solid embodiment of the gravitational field principle so that the student will conclude the course feeling secure and confident enough to apply and integrate the embodied knowledge in their fields of expertise. In that sense on the practitioner level you are encouraged to become a bridge maker across different disciplines. In the future, depending on how the program evolves and in case there will be good interest from some willing to become a GFP facilitator, we may consider offering a specific branch to cover this collective need, which would require a stronger commitment and higher level of knowledge. At this stage it is way too early to define anything toward such matters. Along GFP studies there will be shown naturally who will be ready and motivated enough to dive deeply into such a path, as a natural selection.
4. What are the benefits in becoming a GFP practitioner?
The great advantage of GFP is that the program has not been created out of theory of concepts solely. GPP empirical properties have been verified and tested on the countless bodies through physical interactions rather objectively and tangibly. In that sense GFP deals with a principle prior to human creation and conceptualization. Rather it is the retrieval of some physical laws in relation to gravitational functionality that humans have lost the ability to understand and integrate in their lives. Although GPF is not framed as a therapy, the embodiment of this dormant knowledge has an undeniable potential to become therapeutic and deeply transformative on the very essence what means to be human.
Contact us if you have any other questions about the program.
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