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Practitioner Program
Formless Arts is offering a Practitioner Program anchored and structured on 6 different yet interconnected cross-disciplinary modules. The diversity of the program amalgamates numerous physical practices with existential/ontological questions that philosophers, artists, scientists, shamans, martial arts masters, psychoanalysts and other thinkers have been dealing with daily, and throughout human history from different fields and perspectives.

Our commitment is to support the fullest of our human potential by providing an array of self-reflective tools, nourishing resources and thought-provoking knowledge as a means to retrieve a sense of belonging and human connectedness. At the same time that the program provides substantial theory and guidance, we all are reminded that life is a mysterious continuum, an open-ended process to be explored, integrated and savoured through every sensory faculty. In that respect, everyone aligned to the heart of the program becomes gardeners of an unknown that may beckon to us a genuine sense of unbroken wholeness within the self.

Each syllabus presents most recent studies from various disciplines embedded in a legacy of transgenerational knowledge that may serve us as a roadmap for human behaviour within the body and, at the same time, at a larger eco-psychosocial dimension. As part of the cultivation of a fertile exploratory terrain, each module offers a safe container wherein embodied awareness becomes the central theme of our studies. By bringing light to our blindspots we are given the opportunity to truthfully work on ourselves towards more integral and functional individuals.

The Practitioner Program will guide the participants into a delightful and bewildering self-inquiry journey through the depths of the being, whilst acknowledging and evoking the interplay of paradoxical qualities and polarised manifestations. From the most frugal and primal forms to the highest degrees of human complexity and formless expressions, everyone who gravitates towards a self-actualization pursuit through movement, breath and awareness will be welcome to apply for this Integrative Program by Formless Arts.
Visions - Philosophy
Over the past years Play-Fight Practice has grown gracefully and substantially becoming the main vehicle of knowledge transmission from Formless Arts umbrella together with Liquid-Body Practice. Meanwhile the horizon has kept on expanding and involving in many other directions and possibilities. Gradually I began to feel a limitation in sharing my newest discoveries, insights and epiphanies that cannot be easily conveyed under the Play-Fight container.. The urge to have other more spacious frameworks is being delivered through this practitioner program, from which further perspectives and deeper knowledge may be tackled, acknowledged, explorared, elaborated and transmitted in manners that extrapolate the usual modes of communication established till then. The birth of this program with 6 different modules, intrinsically interconnected, is an utterly thrilling endeavour. The Practitioner Program represents a major shift by bringing both Play-Fight and Liquid-Body to secondary roles so as to serve the process like supportive practices for all-encompassing cross-disciplinary studies and explorations.