Movement exploration for humans - to inspire and get inspired
Facilitator: Francesca Romano
In a world that bases the life on rational and rigid rules, where we want to define and analyse everything and where Nature, Intuition, Soul, Dream, Feelings are concepts so often devalued and misunderstood, I feel the need to propose a journey for Humans that are not ready to give up. When I think about what a Human being is, I see a beautiful and complex system, full of unexpressed potentials and in connection with the inner and outside world.

Movement explorations for Humans. Training to be Humans.

A transversal practice that embraces, is inspired and uses elements from different movement disciplines, like contemporary dance, improvisation, CI, yoga, martial arts, Play-Fight, somatics. The desire is to look beyond our defined identity and re-discover our true nature, how we move, what we feel and (re)connect these elements that naturally communicate with each other. We will empower our creativity and self-expression.

The course is open level, and is for all kinds of movers that want to explore deeper and from different starting points their possibilities, for beginners that want to approach the movement exploration from the principles and not from the techniques, for who is curious, who is lost and who doesn't want to give up. The practice wants to improve our inner alive fire while rooting ourselves in the present moment.

The class will be structured like a dialogue between what is proposed (specific exercises, movement explorations ecc) and the participants, giving the space and the time to work by ourselves and moments of sharing.

I meet myself:

entering in the state of self-listening, cleaning the sensitive space inside. Creating trust and silence and welcoming our physical/emotional condition without judging (using yoga, breathing techniques, somatic movement..)

Movement exploration:

starting from a physical suggestion, movement principle, or an abstract image we will start to work trying to go out from our patterns/comfort zone enriching our creativity, sensitivity and vocabulary. The wish to "explore" defines an open approach to ourselves and the commitment to dive into the unknown without fears and expectations. We are ready to let us be surprised from what will come out

Sharing moments:

we will exchange feedback, questions, impressions to stimulate our awareness and presence and to inspire the work of the others

moving as a complex system
the solid structures of the body and the interconnections of the parts
my centre as the point of power
curiosity as a key for growing
the movement generate emotions and the emotions generate movement
I play so I take care.
I take care because I play
I don't need solid answers but honest open questions
the motion fluidity and the "momentum"
I will facilitate the explorations through propositions always in dialogue with the group needs and wishes

Cycle of 4 weeks practice online in a small group
(minimum 3 participants maximum 8)
+ First week of free trials (open number of participants)


Evening class
Tuesday from 11th May to 1st june 2021
Time of the class: 18.00 - 19.30 pm

Morning class
Thursday from 13th May to 3rd june 2021
Time of the class: 9.00 – 10.30 am

Contribution for the 4 weeks cycle: 50 euros
Cost of the basic offer: 70 euros
A first sharing to know each other and to understand the needs of the person, then the path will be created together with my support

• We will work together online and the participant will be invited to work alone in between the meetings supported by specific tasks, explorations and open questions
• The length and the structure of the one-to-one process will be decided together on the base of the participant's needs, possibilities, goals and wishes


1) First meeting to understand needs and request
2) One session - one-to-one online class
3) Material for individual practice
4) One session to see together the material elaborated, exchanging feed backs

Note! The structure and price of the offer can change in according to what the person needs
To join the FREE CLASS please write to
To join the FREE CLASS please write at:
She started her studies in dance and movement when she was a child. Over the years she went through Artistic Gymnastics, modern and contemporary dance, contact improvisation, dance theater, performing arts studying and working with many dancers and movement researchers. In 2005 she graduated at the School of Drama Paolo Grassi (Milan).

She works as dance and movement teacher, performer and choreographer. From 2013 she expanded her researches approaching yoga and martial arts (in particular Khala Yoga with Diego Prodi - Indio and Play-Fight with Bruno Caverna) having so far a deeper experience and knowledge about the connection between body, mind and inner space. This movement field was a point of revolution for her studies and she started to follow these paths, researching more and more what's beyond definitions, trying to always be in a state of openness typical of the "beginner mind". From 2015 she started to follow Play-Fight practice with Bruno Caverna constantly, finding in its tools important points of inspiration, new ways to approach movement and life, new ways to connect with others and herself. As a member of Formless Arts team she supports the realization of specific projects and works as Play-Fight facilitator.
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