WITH Davide Carrera, Alina Litvinova AND Bruno Caverna
5 - 13 october / Dahab, Egypt
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The Immersion is bringing together Davide Carrera - a renowned world recordist freediver, Alina Litvinova - a seasoned freediver and somatics teacher and Bruno Caverna, who will integrate water and land practices through Liquid-Body and Play-Fight.
We are weaving a diversity of approaches and backgrounds to provide non-conventional ways to transform our habitual relationship to the ocean.
In deeper waters we may experience an unprecedented sense of connection towards the sea around and within ourselves. Being immersed in water relieves us from the burden of gravity. It allows us to embody a multidimensional weightless freedom, whether by falling, floating, expanding, moving, exploring or just being at peace within the self.
The immersion welcomes and is suitable for both audiences: those who never had any experience in freediving, while at the same time the event also welcomes seasoned freedivers who would like to be mentored to face the fears of diving deeper in the sea as well as within themselves.
The Free Falling Event is going to take place in Dahab by the Red Sea in Egypt.

Dahab is considered the Mecca for the freedivers for offering ideal diving conditions and warm waters.

The diving conditions are excellent and very friendly for beginners, with a visibility that can reach deeper than 20m.

The coastline is surrounded by coral reefs of stunningly beautiful sea life. Our diving sites are located at a walking distance.
Water is more than a life-giving element. It expresses extraordinary qualities not found anywhere in nature. Nothing more precise and straightforward than diving into deeper waters to show that an attitude of inner fighting is not only counter-productive but potentially dangerous.

Water teaches the way of non-resistance and how essential it is to learn to properly and deeply relax. Working and connecting to the deeper water is like rewiring our lifelong conditionings and survival mechanisms on a very primal level.

The experience of gradually going deeper has the amazing power to reflect our patterns of resistances, with impeccable accuracy, in ways that are just not possible to hide or cover them up with technique or will power.
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