The Immersion will be guided by Davide Carrera, Alina Litvinova and Bruno Caverna
Worldchampion Freediver
Davide Carrera
Davide Carrera, born in Turin on 12/25/1975.
He moved to Liguria and since he was a child he played in the sea of Capo Mele.
At 14 years old he knows yoga, relaxation and breathing. At 18 he meets the legendary champion Umberto Pelizzari, and becomes part of the Italian freediving team, led by Umberto. Soon after, he becomes Pelizzari's safety diver.
At the age of 25 he gets his first world record.


1996 World champion with the italian team, Nice.
2001 World champion, Ibiza. // World Récord -91mt FIM , Capri Freediving.
2002/08 National records, and and he deepens his knowledge about Yoga breathing and meditation in India working as a skipper he brought his trimaran and start living doing spearfishing roaming by Mediterranean sea.
2009 5 x National Records in Constant Weight with -91-94-96-98-99 mt, Bahamas, Vertical Blue.
2013 3 x National Records in Constant Weight with -101 -103mt and in Free Immersion with -93mt, Bahamas, Vertical Blue.
2014 World Record in Constant Weight -94mt, Salina 2014.
2016 2 x National Records in Constant Weight with -106-107 mt, Roatan, Caribbean Cup World Record CMAS in Constant Weight with -111mt, Cagliari
2017 2 x National Records -114mt in Constant Weight and -75mt No Fins, Vertical Blue, Bahamas
2019 Gold Medal Open Spanish National Championship Apnea Outdoor, Lanzarote.
2021 1 x National Record -122mt CWT, Vertical Blue, Bahamas. Bronze Medal World Championship CWTBF -103m, Kas.

Freediving yoga somatics instructor
Alina Litvinova
How I came back into the body

I was a software engineer for more then ten years. I loved my job and loved spending all the time in front of the computer. I also used to go snowboarding in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Austria, Indian Hymalayas. I loved travelling in any kind.
Suddenly I found out a huge problem with my back. There were a lot of hernias and protrusions. At some moment doctors said that I needed an urgent surgery on my spine. I didn't agree with their conclusion. I was lucky enough to meet my doctor who introduced me to the somatic practice. It helped me to start walking again without pain. Later I fell in love with freediving because it wasn't only pleasant and interesting, it also helped me to continue my recovering process and relax my muscles deeper. The collaboration of freediving and somatic practices brought me to the present where I can do whatever I want to do. I am a freediving and Apnea yoga instructor. It means I can do a lot with my body and definitely I can move freely with no pain or any kind of discomfort. I travel a lot and enjoy an active lifestyle including running and cycling. I would love to share my knowledge with you. If you want to live comfortably in your own body, if you want to improve your sport results, to build your self confidence and secure feeling, if you want to try freediving or improve your techniques feel free and contact me via facebook or whatsapp.
Founder of Play-Fight Practice,
Liquid Body Practice and Formless Arts Movement Philosophy
Вreath-Ability Instructor
Bruno Caverna
Bruno Caverna is a pioneer in creating authentic multidisciplinary body-mind practices sustained by an embodied movement philosophy drawn from over 35 years of studying and immersing in various of disciplines such as Gymnastics, Capoeira, Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance, Contact-improvisation, Taiji, Russian Systema, Watsu, Surfing and Freediving. Bruno began teaching in 1995 as a capoeira project leader at a psychiatric hospital. The highly demanding context supported his auto-didactic nature to flourish whilst the process configured deconstructive in its essence, the pedagogical ground for all the other future teaching projects that eventually expanded over 30 countries worldwide in the past 20 years. Bruno's inborn maverick essence led him to always challenge the seemingly dysfunctional societal mindsets that would be in dissonance with a healthy functionality of the being. For a period of time, Bruno felt compelled to strongly question the validity of any social model whenever it would reveal itself as disguised controlling power structures, particularly in those with apparent manipulative and undermining relationships between teacher and students. The inner struggle and the refusal to easily acquiesce to the norms set Bruno off into a lonely explorative path for several years till he realized the uselessness of fighting against the rules of the human game. Bruno eventually transformed his lifelong embodied experiences with inner resistances and struggle as the core subject of interest on his practices and embodied philosophy. In 2012, Play-Fight and Liquid Body coalesced as authentic practices out of a need to label his lifelong research in the body-mind field. In 2016 he founded Formless Arts, an international cross-disciplinary hub that represents a moment of maturity coinciding with the foment of a community of self-responsible individuals. Bruno's teaching philosophy consists in becoming a revealing mirror to one another by sensibly exposing the boundaries of our crystallized social masks and the acquired self-deceptive mechanisms. In the end, Bruno is convinced that is mainly through the hurtful exercise of constantly looking after our own shadows and confronting the human flaws that we may find a sense of wholeness from within, while at the same time acknowledging and honouring a diversity of artful expressions with substantial tolerance towards conflicting perspectives.
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Social media manager
Web designer
Marina Sekacheva